Bombaclat!! Most folks will probably know Darren Beale best for his work under his Kosheen moniker, but way before enjoying mainstream Pop success, he was one of the o.g. Jungle pioneers, operating as Orca and later on as Decoder. As with a lot of my fav Amen smashers, I only found out about this tune quite recently. I was only about 16 when I first heard about Jungle and Drum n Bass, and most of the records that came out before that time were pretty hard to get by out here in mainland Europe. And besides that, back then I was mainly buying piano Rave and Hardcore, so even if I had heard this record back when it was released in 1995, I probably wouldn't have bought it anyways. But times change, and so do Discogs prices. The cheapest one up for sale right now goes for 9 quid, which is at least double the amount of what it went for just a couple months ago. Still a bargain for such a dope 12" if you ask me, but still.. I don't know what it is with this tune tho, the first time I heard it, I just couldn't sit still and to me it's a clear cut case of dancefloor Amen wizardry. But the few times I played it at a gig, people just looked at me weird, like, WTF is this? And one of those gigs was a "strictly old school Drum n Bass Jungle" party, so go figure.. Perhaps it's just a little bit too much for most cats, I dunno. Either way, if you're into choppy breaks and deep subs, this might just be your cup of tea. Definitely one of my own personal favs. Enjoy.

Download here.


All right, here's a big one for y'alls. I copped this LP a couple months ago, think it was at one of the thrift stores here in my hometown. In my experience, these kinds of compilations are usually kinda shite: either they're way too cheesy, or the tracks featured are very similar sounding. Or perhaps that's just the way it sounds to my untrained ear or something, dunno, maybe it's just that I bought too many LP's with traditional African and Tahitian percussion songs... Either way, that's not the case with this here album. I couldn't really pick one favourite tune to post, so I decided to just upload the whole thing in a zippy. The YouTube video is from a track by Yaffa Yarkoni which is also featured on the LP, be it in a significantly shorter version. Oh and it's all WAV files instead of mp3's, so it'll probably take a hell of a long time to download, but I promise you it's worth your precious time! It was released on Dankers Coolsingel, which also used to be a record shop in Rotterdam. There's no release date on there, but judging by the dates of the other releases from this label, it was most likely released somewhere in the late 60's. Enjoy.

Download here.


And yet another nice lickle Funk number. I found this 7" for 50 cents as well on one of my thrift store missions a couple of months ago. According to Discogs, this particular pressing is pretty sought after, with prices ranging from 23 to 50 Euros. There's two other versions (a promo 7" and a 12" which was released some 14 years later), but both of those feature only one of the songs from this record, "Can You Feel It" and "Wanted Dead Or Alive" respectively.. To be honest I'd never even heard of this tune, or the Voices Of East Harlem for that matter (shame on me), before I found this 7". It was mainly the fluffy looking logo that pursuaded me to cop it, and usually when a label catches my attention, the music turns out to be rubbish, but I guess I got lucky this time. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.




Here's a nice cover of Gil Scott Heron's "In The Bottle" by Brother To Brother, which I picked up for 50 cents at the flea market today. That's pretty much all I have to say about it. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.



I went second hand record shopping again this weekend. There's this record dealer from Dordrecht (a small city about 20 minutes away from my hometown) who usually only sells his stuff at record fairs, but every couple of weeks he opens up the warehouse where he stores his vinyl to the public. It was quite overwhelming tbh, so much so that I decided to just head straight to the second storage room, where they had all the cheap stuff: 7"s and LP's for 50 cents. I mainly copped 7"s to re-sell at the flea market and on Discogs, but I also pulled a couple of nice chansons from those crates, for my own listening pleasure. This here one is by Frida Boccora, a Jewish-French singer, born in Casablanca, Morocco. Nice, short and melancholic, just the way I like it. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.



This here is definitely one of those "fond memories" tunes for me. It's one of the first ever electro 12"s I bought, back in the mid/late 90's. I think I pulled it from a bargain bin at one the local record stores back then, and for some reason it still goes for very little money up on Discogs, which kind of puzzles me, because there's six tunes on this ep, three of which are full length body poppin' electro beasts. I can't even remember how many times I've played this 12", which is also why the rip sounds a bit gritty, as my copy is kinda worn. But there's a shitload of em up for sale for around 5 bucks, so if you dig it as much as I do, I'd say there's nothing stopping you from grabbing your own copy.
Both Cylob and Like-A-Tim are electronic og's, with their first releases dating back to the early 90's. The latter of the two hails from the Netherlands (Dutch national underrated pride here bruh!!) and released a shitload of ep's on Djax Up Beats, a Dutch techno/electro/acid label with a number of harsh acid classics under its belt (most notably, or at least to me, Edge Of Motion's "Set Up 707"). Cylob is one of the original Rephlex cats, responsible for silly anthems such as "Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass" and one of my all-time fave Braindance choons "Rewind".
According to Discogs, both of them haven't released anything in the last four years, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering they'd been at it for the best part of two decades. Luckily enough their back catalogue consists of more than enough material to keep you going for at least a couple of days. For now tho, enjoy this catchy slice of breakdance boogie.

Listen and download here.


Here's a nice little steelband song I picked up from a thrift store a couple months ago. To be honest I found the rest of the album to be a bit corny, but I'm quite digging this Dave Brubeck cover. The steeldrums make it sound extra smooth and kind of clunky at the same time. It should be pretty easy to nab a copy for cheap, or at least out here in NL, because that's where both versions of this album were pressed. But if you're not from here and are still curious to find out what else it has to offer, there's a couple of em up for sale on Discogs for as little as 3 quid. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.