This here is definitely one of those "fond memories" tunes for me. It's one of the first ever electro 12"s I bought, back in the mid/late 90's. I think I pulled it from a bargain bin at one the local record stores back then, and for some reason it still goes for very little money up on Discogs, which kind of puzzles me, because there's six tunes on this ep, three of which are full length body poppin' electro beasts. I can't even remember how many times I've played this 12", which is also why the rip sounds a bit gritty, as my copy is kinda worn. But there's a shitload of em up for sale for around 5 bucks, so if you dig it as much as I do, I'd say there's nothing stopping you from grabbing your own copy.
Both Cylob and Like-A-Tim are electronic og's, with their first releases dating back to the early 90's. The latter of the two hails from the Netherlands (Dutch national underrated pride here bruh!!) and released a shitload of ep's on Djax Up Beats, a Dutch techno/electro/acid label with a number of harsh acid classics under its belt (most notably, or at least to me, Edge Of Motion's "Set Up 707"). Cylob is one of the original Rephlex cats, responsible for silly anthems such as "Cut The Midrange Drop The Bass" and one of my all-time fave Braindance choons "Rewind".
According to Discogs, both of them haven't released anything in the last four years, but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering they'd been at it for the best part of two decades. Luckily enough their back catalogue consists of more than enough material to keep you going for at least a couple of days. For now tho, enjoy this catchy slice of breakdance boogie.

Listen and download here.


Here's a nice little steelband song I picked up from a thrift store a couple months ago. To be honest I found the rest of the album to be a bit corny, but I'm quite digging this Dave Brubeck cover. The steeldrums make it sound extra smooth and kind of clunky at the same time. It should be pretty easy to nab a copy for cheap, or at least out here in NL, because that's where both versions of this album were pressed. But if you're not from here and are still curious to find out what else it has to offer, there's a couple of em up for sale on Discogs for as little as 3 quid. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.


So my Bulgarian homies Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes aka 1000Names are set to drop their new album in a couple weeks, and they asked me to do them a remix of "The Caravan", which just so happens to be my fav cut from the album. Needless to say I accepted the offer, took their hazy, lazy, schmoove House joint, removed the 4x4 kicks and replaced them with trappy hi hats and an 808 sub (so hot last year). The result is up for free download over at XLR8R and it's already got 167 Facebook likes at the time of writing, so I guess that means the amount of people digging this remix surpasses the average amount of punters showing up at my gigs, except for last weekend and the weekend before that, but those were exceptionally good parties, with a number of attendees way above average. Click here to check it out and then rate it ten out of ten and click the FB like button, because that's how good it is. No false modesty out here yo, keepin it real.. One Love..


Whoomp, been a minute since I last posted one of these vinyl rips. Lots of work plus a couple of gigs meant I couldn't really find the time to do any write ups. Anyways, here's a nice and energetic early 90's breakbeat hardcore number. Not too much I have to tell about this one. I found it whilst checking YouTube for old UK hardcore tracks, so it's not one of them "fond memories" tunes for me, but I was smitten right when I first heard it, so I went and copped the 12" on Discogs, and that's basically it. I know DevNull posted another track from the same ep quite a while ago on Blog to the Oldschool, but I prefer this here joint. For some reason it reminds me a bit of this PCP record called TEST 2. I don't know why, but it kinda has that same energy to it, like this unstoppable train or something, that seems to never run out of energy, tho they don't really sound alike.. I played it at a new year's rave in Rotterdam last year, and I think that was actually the only time I ever spun it at any of my gigs. My homie Tommy FFF (who was setting up his gear right then) liked it, the crowd seemed to like it, I definitely like it, and I hope you'll like it as well. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.


Mesak - Alpha Will from poborsk on Vimeo.


On the 27th of October the kind Bulgarian lads of 1000names will drop their new album on Kelpe's DRUT Recordings. And it's a doozy!! Here's a little taster of what's in store. Lush.


Ayyyyy, here's a 70 minute live mix by yours truly, at the Aprez Skweee II party two weeks ago in Antwerp. Recorded by Shourai Sessions. Enjoy.


Emufucka is without a doubt one of my favourite contemporary electronics producers. The way he manages to poop out bangers as well as hella tenderony stuff, shows he's not a one trick pony, though from the very first tones of each of his tunes it's always evident we're dealing with an Emufucka joint. Pure class. No epic dancefloor anthems on this here ep though: this is Takafumi in his most gentle of forms, which is actually the way I like him best. Sweet and subtle. I've been bumping it on repeat, especially "Flowers". The ep will be released on October 20th on the almighty Fremdtunes. Hold tight.


Ahhhh, nothing but fond memories for me when listening to this tune here. King Bee were a Dutch Hip House group in the late 80's and early 90's, tho I think they themselves might probably have preferred to be labelled a Hip Hop act, without the House in there. And I guess since they rarely ever utilized 4x4 beats, Hip Hop might be a bit more apt. But still, they came up pretty much simultaneously with that whole Mr. Lee/Fast Eddie gang, in the Turn Up The Bass era. And maybe it's also because the tempo is kinda high (around 110/115 bpm) by Hip Hop standards. Either way, the exact genre definition doesn't really matter all that much anyways. The only thing that matters is that it's a crazy fly, stupid fresh Rap joint. Their "Back By Dope Demand" single is probably what they're best remembered for, but I always liked this, slightly lesser known track better. I vividly remember copping the 7" at a record store in the town where I went to school, back in 1990, ay ay ay... And it's that exact same copy I ripped the audio from, so it might sound a bit worn.. Funny thing is, up until listening to this song again a couple months ago, I never realised the Think break they used is actually chopped up a wee bit in the tail end of the track. The reason I think this is so funny, is because by the mid/late 90's there were a shitload of mainland (and by "mainland" I mean Europe, excluding the UK) Hardcore producers, who tried to mimic Jungle's choppy breakbeats, but didn't have a clue how to go about things. They'd just sample a breakbeat and trigger it a bunch of times from the start, to get that stuttering effect, without realizing they should actually cut it into pieces and rearrange it. Nice to know then, that a late 80's Hip Hop producer from the Netherlands did actually know how to properly chop a beat. Enjoy.

Listen & download here.




This track here is without a doubt one of the most peculiar records I have ever bought. Part lullaby, part horror story and part speedcore (though some will argue it to be too slow for speedcore, but 250 bpm is pretty fucking fast in my book). And it even features a hella funky breakbeat. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, and I guess that's exactly what Thanos (not the French Thanos of Fraktal fame, but the Dutch one) was aiming for, so bravo to him for pulling off this epic slice of nose bleed mash up extravaganza.
The build up is quite, well, special.. Like I just said, there's a nice n groovy breakbeat in there, which fits the choir samples very well in my opinion, but then, out of the blue, you're slapped in the face by 250 distorted 909 kicks per minute. Even back in those days (late 90's), when I spent most of my money on tekno and hardcore records, I rarely ever bought speedcore 12"s. I'm pretty sure I never ever played this track in any of my sets, and even tho I was aware of the fact I was never gonna actually spin it at my gigs, I still thought it was special enough to cop it. Not much else I have to say about this record. It goes for a pretty penny up on Discogs: the highest it was ever sold for being 40 quid, which I think is rather ridiculous, but then again, that probably just shows I'm not the only person to think it's a unique slice of wax.

Listen & download here.