Ayeeee, just a short week after dropping volume 1 comes the second batch! Again, 20 cuts, but this time it's all Hardcore. And by that I mean Hardcore in the broadest sense of the term, as there's stuff ranging from Jungle to Rave Breakbeat to Frenchcore to Tekno etc etc. And I guess by today's standards the Ragga Twins tune wouldn't even be considered anywhere near Hardcore, but it was back when it was released and I think it's a crazy nice song, so I put it in there anyways. Hah. The compilation was too big to upload in one go, so I had to split it into two seperate zippies. Enjoy!!

1. Ace - Window In The Sky (DJ DMS Remix)
2. Bodysnatch - Euphony (Just 4 U London)
3. Bram Y Chico - Chup
4. Cyborg Unknown - Return Of The Cyborg Unknown
5. Disasta Blasta - Got Em
6. Ellis Dee - Big Up Yer Chest (Remix)
7. Jano - Inter Season
8. Mark Mac - Shadow Boxin
9. Mindcontroller - Trance (Overmind Mix)
10. Phase IV - Nadeltot
11. Phönki - Go Go Go
12. Pinhead - Come Follow
13. Pravda Trax - Piano Bar
14. Q Tex - Corruption
15. Ragga Twins - Shine Eye
16. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Don't Need Your Love
17. Search & Destroy - Iron Man
18. Speedy Qs - Al Tatone
19. The House Crew - Euphoria
20. Uplifting Association - Lost 157

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


Hey y'alls. I already posted this mixtape a couple months ago on my Soundcloud, but since I'm cheap as fuhk and don't have a pro-account, the number of minutes I can upload is pretty limited, hence I usually take down my mixes after a little while. But I've re-upped it to Zippyshare, both sides of the tape in one zip. Click here to download it. Enjoy.


Over the last couple of months, I've spent more time than ever before on both the interwebs and in thrift stores, looking for "new" music. And by "new" I mean new to me of course, as the vast majority of what I've managed to dig up is old as dirt and probably well known amongst most avid obscurity diggers out there. But instead of doing a mixtape and posting that on Soundcloud (like I usually do), I figured it might be nice to switch things up a little bit and just make a compilation album featuring 20 (duh) of my favourite finds. A lot of these 20 songs were actually ripped from vinyl by yours truly, others shamelessly copy-pasted from albums I downloaded from other blogs (ATFA, Monrakplengthai, Bodega Pop etc etc). It turned into a pretty "world"-ish affair, with stuff from France, Thailand, Scotland, Indonesia and numerous other hella exotic countries in there, but I guess that just happens to be what I've been into most as of late. Enjoy.


1. The Congos - Arc Of Covenant
2. Cool Hipnoise - Dama Dada
3. The Makers - Don't Challenge Me
4. Cheb Tati - Dub El Hamma
5. W.H. Lamey - Highland Watch's Farewell To Ireland
6. Nese Karaböcek - Uykudamisin Sevgili Yarim
7. Erkin Koray - Karli Daglar
8. Anne Vanderlove - Les Enfants Tristes
9. The Flowers - Meekshi Manoo
10. Doc Remix - Melodicine Dub
11. Il Guardiano Del Faro - Oasis
12. Pimp.E. Tjarmedi - Palwa
13. Marie Claire Pichaud - Pardon
14. Beaver & Krause - People's Park
15. Trio Ariquipeño De Quenas - Planta Del Desierto
16. Waiphot Phetsuphan - Plong Tok
17. Quarteto Em Cy - Samba Do Crioulo Doido
18. The Reflections - She's My Summer Breeze
19. Rosella Masseglia Natali - Sogno Se Mi Guardi
20. Lat Mbaye - Tiopete Tegne Ne

Download here.


Oh boy, had another little jackpot moment at the thrift stores this weekend. Found a stack of Funk, Soul and Jazz 7"s, amongst which a promo copy of Cymande's "Friends", a Moroccan and an Egyptian cassette and 4 Iranian singles. I haven't had the time yet to check everything out properly, but thus far, this one here by Googoosh is my fav. I couldn't choose which side I liked best, so I just upped both of em in a zippy. Enjoy.

Download here.




Oooohhh that Lavender Worm debut ep is finally out, and they did a nice video for "Pond" to boot!! Check that, and when you're done watching, hop on over to the Raha & Tunteet Bandcamp to cop the ep!!


My new ep is out!! It will be for sale on Boomkat, Juno, iTunes and the likes as well on Monday, but you can already cop both the digi and the 7" vinyl ep on the MYOR Bandcamp right now. And there's also a limited edition t-shirt, which is only 11 quid, with the 7" included. Feels good to finally have a new release out on wax again. One love.


Every Wednesday there's a little second hand market here in Breda. It's basically nothing more than a handful of stalls run by local old geezers selling overpriced rubbish: books, so called antiques and whatnot. But there's one out of towner there who actually sells really nice records (and books) at very decent prices. He's a super mellow and kind chap with a hella cool dog, which I think is always a plus, as I don't much enjoy giving away my money to grumpy pricks who think Nana Mouskouri albums are really worth 3 quid. I used to go there quite frequently "back in the day", but have thus far only managed to visit twice this year, because I usually have to work on Wednesdays. But I was done working at 1:30 yesterday, and so decided to head out for a spot of crate diggage extraordinaire.
Now the thing with most record shops (or, in this case, stalls), as opposed to thrift stores, is of course that the owners are usually quite aware of what their goods are worth, and often won't shy away from charging full blown internet prices for their records. And don't get me wrong, it's not like this particular bloke doesn't know what he's selling, he does, but he always has some quality stuff for very reasonable $$$. If my memory serves me right, the majority of his records used to be individually priced, but this time his entire stall consisted of a shitload of 1 Euro records, plus a selection of 7"s for either 50 cents or 2 bucks each. I pulled some really nice French and Israeli singles from those crates, plus a Manitas De Plata flamenco album and this here gamelan LP. I already own a couple of gamelan records, and tho I really really enjoy the sound of this instrument, most of the times these albums tend to be a bit of an intense, dark and hectic affair. Not really suitable for easy listening if you get my drift. But this one is a whole other story: mega sweet, almost enchanting gamelan melodies, accompanied by a Suling Degung (bamboo flute). Most of the eight songs featured on this album do sound quite alike to the untrained ear tho (most notably my own untrained ear that is), so I stuck to picking just one track instead of uploading the full album. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.


A couple of months ago, a new record store was openened in my hometown of Breda, called the Grey Store. It's not your typical, run of the mill kinda shop: specialized in highly sought after collectables, there's quite some stuff in the 200 quid range hanging on the walls. Fortunately tho, there's also loads of affordable wax to be found in there. So much so that the owner (who also runs a small record label releasing mostly local bands and bootleg compilation LP's with 60's Psych nuggets) decided it was time for a little sale: evrything in the shop bearing a 5 Euro price tag went for 2.50 this weekend. I went to have a look there yesterday and copped some neat 7"s: Francoise Legrand, Rosella Massaglia Natali, and this here oddball cover of Mamy Blue by Turkish child singer Arda Kardes. Enjoy.

Download here.



Here's a nice Motor City Soul joint I copped at the same shop as the French tune from my previous post. Not much I have to say about this, other than the fact that this particular version is a UK repress of a 7" which was originally released on US label Giant in 1966. The Giant pressing has a different tune on the flipside and goes for crazy $$$ on the interwebs (around 200 quid), so if you desire owning this song on vinyl, I'd suggest buying the UK version instead (2.50 is the cheapest one up for sale on Discogs right now, which seems like a very decent price to me). Enjoy.

Download here.


Oh boy, this is about as good as it gets!! Lavender Worm's debut ep "Synchronized Swimming" is out in about a week from now on Suomi's finest, Raha & Tunteet, the boutique Skweee and Electronics label run by Helsinki's grumpiest producer V.C.
 Five slices of goodness, treading the fine line between colourful Skweee, 80's electro Funk bliss and neon drenched Hip Hop. A definite contender for my 2014 favs list.


I went record shopping again this weekend. There's this couple who run a shop next to their house out in Hooge Zwaluwe, which is a little town out in the sticks some 15 minutes from my hometown. Apparently they've been running it for over two years already, selling art, second hand records, cd's, cassettes, books and audio equipment (mainly turntables), but I only found out about it last month through a friend of mine. About a week or so ago they received a batch of about 7500 7" singles, and needless to say I was a little late: most of the good stuff had already been plundered by other vinyl scavengers, tho there were still some pretty decent tunes left, this here being one of them.
It's featured on a 4 track ep called "Ballade En Novembre", by Anne Vanderlove. Now both her last name and the fact that these songs are all in French suggested she's Belgian. The way "Vanderlove" is spelled is typically Flandrian, as in the Netherlands it would most likely be spelled as "Van Der Love" (with spaces inbetween that is), and then there's not too many Dutchies singing in French to begin with. So I figured she's probably of Wallonian origin with some Flandrian heritage thrown in for good measure. But after looking up her name on the French Wiki, I found out she's actually from the Netherlands, Scheveningen to be exact, her real name being Anne Van Der Leeuw. Not that this is relevant whatsoever to the quality of the music, but still, I was kind of surprised when I found out.
But enough unnecessary information, just peep the song and grab the dl if you like it. And if you really really like it, cop the 7" ep on Discogs: all four of the tracks are well worth your while if you're into melancholic chansons, and there's enough copies up for sale, the cheapest one going for a mere 62 cents!

Download here.