Friday the 2nd of April at Le Romandie in Lausanne, Switserland. The Food For Ya Soul crew have been throwing parties there for a couple of years now, mostly "left field" Hip Hop oriented stuff with names like James Pants, Dam Funk, Tokimonsta, Kissey Asplund and Stones Throw head honcho PB Wolf. This time round they'll have Amenta (from Up My Alley, the label that released those terrific Beatnicks compilation ep's) and yours truly to spice things up alongside the FFYS crew. I did a mixtape for them which I'll prolly slide into one of the Pioneers that night so I can go outside and have a tobacco or two instead of making a fool out of myself by trying to mix all those crooked beat tunes while being drunk out of my mind. Grab it here and listen to what you'll be missing out on if you can't make it over there. One love.