A couple of years ago one of my all-time favourite record labels, Kniteforce, put the largest chunck of their back catalogue up for free download on their Kniteforce Revolution site. In their mid 90's heydays the K.F. imprint (along with their "Remix Records" offshoot) was a sure shot for top quality Rave/Breakbeat/Hardcore releases. Quite a lot of the tracks that were released on both of these labels were pretty blatantly copied by the Dutch (& German) hardcore producers, which ultimately made for some pretty funny back-cover comments from K.F. head honcho Luna-C telling them (or actually more specifically Paul Elstak aka Dj Paul) to stop ripping off their tunes. You can read a full ten (!!) page history of the label on their website and more importantly download all of those gems for free!! I included a linky to my personal K.F. favourite below, but best you go over to the site yourself to grab tons more of their influential Rave anthems.