Friday the 26th of March at Worm Rotterdam. Lowriders 14 with Ghost Mutt, Bass Clef, Blunt Speakers & the Lowriders Collective Selectors. Lowriders soon will drop the first installment on their newly formed Lowriders Recordings courtesy of Brightonian Ghost Mutt. The 12" will contain 2 of his own tunes, a Slugabed remix and another "yet-to be-announced" guest remix. Another new project in the pipelines are the Lowriders Studio Sessions in collaboration with the Worm Studios. Kick off will be by Blank Tapes veteran Bass Clef and the material produced there will also be released on the new imprint. Another "new" name here is Rotterdam native Blunt Speakers, member of the BeatMUp crew and up-and-coming producer who will also take care of a 12" on the Lowriders imprint somewhere later this year. Party kicks off at 22:00, fee is 7,- Euros.