Another one of my fav Hardcore/Rave labels was Naughty Naughty, which specialized in, well, rip-offs of (slightly) older Breakbeat, House and Pop tunes, mainly giving them an up-tempo Amen treatment. The grand mastermind behind the plundering madness was Grant Nelson aka Wishdokta, whose name never appeared on the releases (11 in total) for rather obvious reasons. Unlike its contempararies Kniteforce, Remix Records, Impact or, say, Asylum Music these releases were pretty much impossible for me to get my hands on here in the Netherlands (my guess is this was the case for about every country outside of the U.K., as were tons of the Jungle releases back then), although luckily I did have a bunch of 'em on tape ...which, on the other hand, actually made it even more frustrating, as I couldn't play those out at a gig. But thanks to Discogs I eventually managed to get the entire label complete about a decade after they'd been released (some 5-6 years ago). And I didn't even have to pay top dollar (or pound) for most of 'em!! Hah!!

Here's a couple of my favs from the catalog...

Naughty Naughty 3 - Elevation.
Naughty Naughty 4 - Definition Of Love.
Naughty Naughty 6 - Searchin For My Rizla.

Oh, and if you like these, don't forget to check out Ravers Choice for some more cheeky rework bizznizz.