Scooped this straight from Hamilton Canada's Delicate & Diaphanous blog, but I figured that since the interview is with my main homie Motëm it'd be all ok.... Enjoi..

Now I should mention before I went into this interview I had to be prepped as Motëm does not often do interviews, in fact this has been his first one since 2006. I had to have 7 questions prepared, I was allowed no more, no fewer and I was to ask them in as direct manner is possible. I was given directions to an old warehouse in the west side of Hamilton where I was told to park and walk. There I was met by my guide (who wishes to remain anonymous) who led me into Motëm’s den. The light was low the entire time and a soft, scratchy record player in one corner could be heard gently playing Side A of Joe McDuphrey’s “Experience” EP. The Motëm was eating a grapefruit and offered me some, but I declined as I find I don’t like grapefruit. I was told to not dilly dally so I began with my questions….

It’s been a long minute since anyone’s gotten an in depth view of you, what rays from the Motëm spectrum do you care to shine on the people?

I’ve ben exceptionally fellin’ myself as of late. As you can listen, most of my music is feelings music.

What are your thoughts on contemporary music?

What an exciting time to be alive and involved in the particular field of music! that is a great deal why i am fellin’ myself to such an extent because i fell that a lot of the music coming out is truly fresh and it excites me to no end! And that it is truly the era of the individual. Whatever one person is fellin’ is all they have to really pay attention to, stuff isn’t shoved in my face in the same way i remember it used to be and i feel far more free to choose what i pay attention to. And so this comes out in my music along with many of my contemporaries; so many influences are available and so easily accessible that each person has the freedom to choose their own blend and thus forth some very personal musics come about.

What have you got coming out in 2010?

Well i’ve just got to say first and fore most Coco Bryce is a BOSS! he is nyce, ( if you haven’t checked him out, he is a hot def producer from breda netherlands and is on some big shit. I have a track coming out on his label Myor on the Tropical Sounds Vol. 2 comp, mos probs on 12″ no big deal, i respekt that. And also a Motëm full length is being created right now, i’ve got like a stupid amount of beats, just gonna pick teh best, a write words about the vibes. probably half way completed the album right now, and it will ideally be out for summer. Also I know my skweee doggz have always got me so stay peeled to the skweee blogs….

I know you are a big fan of the “natural” or “effortless” “je ne sais quoi” sense of style, but what do you see or what amuses you as the new season approaches.

Truly fellin’ one’s self, and truly worn leather. Tyra is Over. That and always sunglasses and always hats. Also I myself don’t wear make up, but i appreciate a person who wears it well.

What have you been listening to lately?

“School of Mesak” by Mesak is one of my favourite albums right now, it recently dropped on Harmönia Records and its been schooling me on even myne own compositions. Also Lunice is pretty tight i’ve been listen to his remixes in the car, and like i said Coco Bryce, Miramichi is always coming with new heat, that new Beem album, an album i did with Oxnard, California MC Pubs Panseno entitled “CA 2 CA” which is super nyce, the new New Slang album “Different States” , unreleased Canadian Winter tracks, and Beat Master Big Game Up beat tapes… his latest “Choppin Like a Foo” was hott 2 def.

The Motëstra (the live ensemble that presents the Motëm music on special occasions consisting of anywhere from 5-8 members on any occasion) was in full force this weekend just past @Woodhands Album Release with Diamond Rings. What a brilliantly co-ordinated ensemble that is.

Yes thank you, the band is co-ordinated by the über-special G. Sans Silly, and i bring in my compositions to his abode where we meet and make sense of the wildness for appropriate social presentation. Again taking the deeply introspective and bathing it and dressing it up for an outrospective presentation. The goal is to get the horn section up to a full three members and a sponsorship deal from Envoke in Dundas ;0) . It is a very special ensemble that features Tim Mc D on bass, Joni Chainsaw on drums and keys, Nick Lawson on Wah Wah Guitar, John Sicilia as director of the horns section on trumpet and tuba and soon to be trombone, and G Sans himself on drums and keys and percussion. a beautiful ensemble it is to catch live.

• What is Motëm?

A positive reaffirmation of the life force.