Alllllllllllllrate then, next up, with the extra high "bro-factor" we got me longtime party, dj & tune-building mate Screaming Yellow Zonkers, formerly known as Artek... But since there's about a million other Arteks out there already, from now on it's just S.Y.Z. (he's the dude on the right in the pic). Did about every known type of electronics over the past decade, released records on OBX's Obnoxious imprint, Team Wasted, Brahmah and Myor and is practically the only one of my close friends who actually knows what he's doing sound-wise when he's (patiently) sculpting a new tune. He's got a fresh one coming out later this year (hopefully before summer) on part 2 of the Tropical Heat compilation ep series on Myor. The give away tune is a ravey kind of house track called Energy Spectrum. Enjoi.

Top 5 Late 90's Drum & Bass Producers
-Source Direct.
-Dom & Roland.

Top 5 Current Tunes Played On Stu Bru
-Crookers Feat. Miike Snow - Remedy.
-Lindstrom & Christabelle - Lovesick.
-Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets.
-Beach House - Norway.
-Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love - Jamie XX Remix.

Top 5 Pasta Dishes
-Ewald's Spiced Up Pasta (If You Like It Sweaty!!).
-Elka's Secret Original Italian Family Tomato Sauce (Goes With All Pasta's).
-My Own Lasagna (Always A Surprise, But Damn Tasty).
-Rigatoni With Cream, Pesto & Tomatos (Basic Recipe, So Tweak However You Like).
-Penne With Brussels Sprouts, Tomatos, Cheese, Ham, Garlic And Cream Out Of The Oven (New Fav!).

Top 5 Cities You've Been To
-San Francisco.
-New York.

S.Y.Z. - Energy Spectrum (Original Version) by 20shotsequence