Ooohh, the first hella exclusive mini mix for 20 Shot Sequence!! Funky business by fellow Lowrider Off Hand (a.k.a. Yang). 30 minutes of Funky tunes and a bit of Rave Break. He's the guy taking care of the interviews for the Lowriders exclusive tapes series and has been a pretty prolific blogger ever since joining the crew, so I figured it to be time to give him some well deserved shine.

Top 5 Chinese Fast Food Dishes.
-Wantan Soup.
-Tja Sieuw.
-Fried Duck.
-Beef Noodles.

Top 5 Current Funky Releases.
-Zinc & Ms. Dynamite - Wile Out.
-Deadboy - If You Want Me.
-Cubic Zirconia - Josephine - Greenmoney Remix.
-Ikonika - They Are Losing The War.
-Hackman - Always - Brackles Remix.

Top 5 Sneakers You Bought But Barely Wore.
-Mita Clyde.
-Vans Hosoi.
-Some Sweet Pointy Swears, But I Feel To Manly For Them.

Off Hand - Top 5 List Mini Mix by 20shotsequence