Dropping June 14th 2010. Astro:Dynamics compilation curated by the one n only Rekordah. 16 tunes on there, and Mr Motëm & myself are the only non-Brits on it... But we're working on our accents... gettin there.... slowly...
1.Lukid – Pleurisy
2.Jay Prada – Nina’s Strut
3.Tapes – Oberheimer
4.Slow Hand Motem – Love Is The New Evil
5.Clause Four – Daze
6.Mike Slott – Music’s Fun
7.Coco Bryce – The Cliché
8.Slugabed – Clunk Clunk
9.Crackazat – Party In The Clouds
10.Bnjmn – It’s Not A Joint
11.Rekordah – Candy Flossin’
12.Professor Ojo – Focus
13.Metske – Isotopic
14.Subeena – Rakeeh
15.Lower – Heartbroken
16.The Blessings - Lungebob

you can pre-order it over at Cargo + read a full blown interview with Rekordah at the Sonic Router blog.