So the Mässy compilation album finally hit the streets a couple weeks back. They had some problems sorting out a decent distribution, but right now it looks like Cargo will be taking care of it. You can cop the digi files over at Digital Tunes or hit up the Spartan Lover on his Myspace for a cd. Featured below is Beatbully's tune "Gosj" which I think is one of the highlights of the album.
1 Misk - Mantis Shrimp
2 Randy Barracuda - Sex People
3 Coco Bryce - Bjhbj Nkknkn Kl
4 Stickem - Hoi Poloi
5 V.C. - Roland Haze
6 Spartan Lover - Silk Smooth Skin (Editor's Cut)
7 Motëm - Unexact
8 Beatbully - Gosj
9 Hybakusha - The Number Of The Glitch
10 Coco Bryce - Rucphen Phunck
11 Mother North - Skin
12 Jyrkkä Pajulaakso - Twisted Bar Game
13 Drums - Dirty Dancing
14 V.C. - Jello On Springs - Remix - Mesak's Tuplatempodub