A couple weeks ago Invitro released this massive album comprised of an insane amount of remixes of Jean Jacques Perrey tunes. The French Moog pioneer is already in his early eighties yet still active as a musician (just a couple of years ago he did an album together with Luke Vibert) and with the hip hop crowd he's probably known best for his E.V.A. tune which Gangstarr sampled for "Just To Get A Rep". Not to mention the other 3000 or so producers that have used snippets, stabs and bleeps from his work to spice up their own. Influential would probably be an understatement if you get my drift... There are close to 30 (!!!) remixes on this here album, which is just a little too much for me to take in in one going. But with the likes of Wevie Stonder, Mesak, Slugabed, Gangpol Und Mit, Kelpe, Candy Hank, Wanky Wanky and a shitload more all working their own re-mangle magic on the J.J.P. tunes, there's bound to be something in there for anyone who's into any kind of electronics. The tune featured here is Eero Johannes' version of "Fake Off".