20: Thomas, why are you such a prick??
Halp: I am a prick in your eyes only, most likely because of my good looks and superb production skills.
20: fair... you just got your 1st official release, a remix you did, how'd that come along??
Halp: Partly because of the qualities i mentioned above :)
And because doshy remixed my upcoming single leek, i asked him to anyway, and he did.
So he heard my tunes and asked me to do the remix for monky's release on his label.
20: nice, yeah that Doshy Leek remix is neat. that's going on the Seclusiasis single, right?? what's next after that??
Halp: Yeah its on the single with slap dash. Remixes by doshy, coco bryce (thats you omg) , astroposer and knight riderz and maybe another secret one.
Then after that an ep on seclusiasis as well. And in the near future i'm doing a hovatron and doshy remix together with that idiot called coco bryce.
20: sounds great! you're also pretty busy doing video's. that first official Slugabed vid was done by you and Pils. when Leek gets released and you'll be shot up into stardom, will you grow a moustache just like Sluga??
Halp: Naaaah im going for a different style. Crazy director style, growing long hair and stuff, and a beard without stach.
And yeah the video business is good, we've got like 6 offers available after yours is done, but we're done doing free ones so if anyone with a lot of money is reading this, i'm your man.
20: do you actually think you'll be able to find the time to keep on making videos once you start doing gigs?? i mean, you're also still in art school, right?? when will you finish that??
Halp: 2 years to go and they told me i should stop doing music videos, haha.
So yeah i dont know, if i get payed to do them i can make time you know. Then it will just be a job really.
And the slugabed vid was the first so we spent way too much time on that one, we're planning to go a bit more minimal in the future.
Stick to one idea and then work around that.
20: ahhh, well, but that one seems pretty minimal to me as well.. at least when you think of minimal as something being built around just one idea mostly. it really feels like watching an old video game..
and ehhmmm, why'd they (teachers) tell you to stop doing music videos then?? are they afraid you'll end up doing nothing else as far as videos go??
Halp: Yeah think so.
And they're right i guess, i've never made anything decent besides the music video.
I should try and do a short fiction film or a documentary next year.
Been working a script but its one thats a bit hard to pull of unfortunately.
But yeah we'll see were it goes.
20: hahah. are you gonna work on that (docu) together with Jeroen as well?? you seem to be a good duo judging by that Quantum Leap vid..
Halp: The script is for a fiction film and dont really have any ideas for documentary's yet.
You can make a documentary about anything really, thats the problem.
I'm very indecisive sometimes.
20: do a doc on Starkey then :) get him to fly you over to Philly to film him for a couple weeks.
back to the music bizz: you dj'ed for a short while, but say you're lacking skills at the moment. when are you gonna get back at practicing again and what are you gonna use?? Serato??
Halp: Just got traktor but my setup is messing up at the moment.
My mixer is fucked, or my speakers are fucked. It sounds too shit to even listen to it for 5 minutes.
So thats not really working right now.
I'm moving soon though so then i can take the time to fix my set up and start practising again, thats the plan anyway.
Got asked to do mixes for various blogs so i have to, wich is good because i can be pretty lazy from time to time.
20: seems like you get a lot of stuff done for a lazy oaf though...
let's wrap it up.. got to get me some food.
any famous last words or thank you's???
Halp: Thank you for the interview.
People to thank,
Lowriders, Astroposer, slugabed, doshy, sduk, monky, coco bryce, dynooo, knight riderz and loads more i always forget.
And everyone who's been playing leek (they wont play any other ones, haha) and offcourse Dev79 and Starkey, seclusiasis BOSSES, wouldnt be here without them.
No release date yet but the leek and slap dash single with remixes should be out somewhere soon..