More shit from the Bandcamp Wonky tag. 7 tunes by the likes of Dynooo, BD 1982 and thousands more should be well worth the 6 buckerinos you're gonna have to spend to get this ep. Now let the copy-paste magic do the talking: Léfésonor is a radio show that focused on various types of electronic music and was broadcast on Radio Campus, an independent community FM station in Brussels. For almost 4 years, this weekly programme showcased the work of over 80 local and international musicians, djs and selectors. The artists involved were given carte blanche for an hour and a half, live on air with an unrestricted choice of genres, instruments and styles. The result was a very diverse listening experience which mirrored the scene's vitality, open-mindedness and generosity.

<a href="http://plyntrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-bunch-of-cosmics-l-f-sonor-vol-1-2">&quotA Bunch of Cosmics&quot, Léfésonor vol.1 by plynt records</a>