Canadian Winter are a 4 piece band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario (the same city that brought us all the joy of Motëm). Their Facebook page reads the following, which I just shamelessly copied as I could prolly not put it to words any better than they did themselves: "Deep in the heart of Ontario, in Winter 2009, four souls combined to tell a story. A story of sudden blizzards, thin crust pizza - extra cheese, pepperoni, half pineapple, half red onion - whiskey, alienation, Tim Horton's coffee, chipmunk infestation, rum, love in the tundra, bewilderment, family and music". Their tunes range from deep n dark Grimey Hip Hop to full on sunshine neon synth bliss laid out over buttery schmoove funk beats. Click here to get "City Lights" which was taken from their "Bundle Up Ep". Pic used courtesy of robertmichael.ca... Much fenomenal!!