Fremdblend - tunes for the future - volume one by fremdtunes
Dutch recordlabel Fremdtunes presents: Fremdblend – tunes for the future – volume one: a mix of snippets of recent and upcoming releases by the label and is blended by DJ's Mace and Optimus. The tape features tracks by artists like Fremdkunst, Kid Sundance, Kelpe, DJ Optimus, Coco Bryce, Saccage, OptiMace & Solo Moderna. Two of the Fremdkunst songs on this mixed-tape are mixed with recordings of Fremdkunst playing with Eric Vloeimans and Baba Sissoko live at Festival Mundial 2010. Special guest DJ Courtasock completes Fremdblend by adding some very nice cuts to some of the tracks.
1. Fremdkunst – 2nd of June (original/live)
2. Fremdkunst – Ҫe soir
3. Saccage – Auntie rockin' kicks
4. Kelpe – Chocolate Money
5. OptiMace – The ultimate rhythmmachine
6. OptiMace – The ultimate rhythmmachine (Kid Sundance's Ultimate Breakbeat Remix)
7. Fremdkunst – Nostos & Algos (original/live)
8. Coco Bryce – Dub Rap
9. Fremdkunst- Sidewalk surfers & eccentric dancers (Solo Moderna Remix)
10. OptiMaceVille – Invasion of the Lettermen
11. Coco Bryce – Something for your mind ft Gumshoe, Incks & Mace
12. Coco Bryce – Something for your mind (JtotheC & The Bad Mothas Remix)
13. DJ Optimus – And only practice...
14. Fremdkunst/DJ Optimus – Elodie Sanson part II