And another new record label! Shipwrec comes from the mind of one Herrfer, a Dutch dj, producer and former metal drummer, who likes all things dark, nasty and gloomy. The first 2 releases came out simultaneously a couple of weeks ago, the first one courtesy of MVDV and the second one by Funckarma. Both are well established names in the Dutch (and international) underground electronics scene with, quite frankly, staggering discographies, MVDV's covering well over 2 decades now and the Funckarma brothers having been a household name since their first releases on Djak-Up-Bitch in 1999. Plans are to keep this baby rolling non-stop from now on, so volume 3 should hit the streets well before the end of this year. Keep yer eyes n ears peeled.

Reasch EP on SHIPWREC september 2010 by Funckarma
Reasch Ep by Funckarma.