It doesn't really get more limited than this: only 100 copies available of this white label Harmönia 7". The A side is taken care of by JMO by means of some textbook Skweee: ultra slow hyper funk in the very best of mid-Scandinavian high frequency traditions. Basically one long n crazy synth solo over a very minimal beat which lacks a snare drum and instead uses a lickle lazer blap to dictate the rhythm, complemented with a live audience sample (ehhmmm..) to keep the hype factor up n rollin' throughout the full 3:10 minute duration of the tune. The track on the flip is by a slightly less secret producer, namely Poisonous Gasses head honcho Lazercrotch. If you managed to get your hands on the 7" he put out on his own label earlier this year you'll instantly recognise his stripped down stylings on Moon Pie: stretched out retro-futuristic synths topped with short and squeeky retro-futuristic synths. Skweee America. You can cop (or at least try to if it's still available) this one over at the Harmönia site.