Volume 2 in Myor's Tropical Heat compilation series offers another 6 tunes by some of the best contemporary Skweee & Beats producers around.
Canada's Slow Hand Motëm drops a very minimal Skweee joint with his signature vocals on "Boom Respekt Boom".
Beem's "Automan" is just as minimal, just as Skweee but a bit more melodic. Soothing, easily digestible, stripped down top shelf Funk.
S.Y.Z. goes all out on "Spirits and Demons", a techy, 140 bpm slice of electronic wizardry that's impossible to pin down to any specific genre. There will be drama!!
Bulgaria's 1000names deliver one of their most hypnotic, melancholic and dancefloor oriented tracks with a never ending drive on B-Side opener "Cup of Joy".
More Eastern European craze by Russia's Pixelord. "Hypnofrog" is as close to digital Funk as any tune in the "Beats" section will ever be.
Mother North (aka Dodpop stalwarts Melkeveien and Drums) opt for some textbook Skweee on Butter Blues to finish the record in an appropriate way.

Myor Tropical Heat Vol 2 Snippets by 20shotsequence