Daniel Savio, king of Skweee and inventor of the word itself, dug up an album worth of tunes from his vaults and tosses them out into the open for y'all to grab for free.. Click the picture to go and get them!! This is what Motëm has to say about it:

On first listen, this is what i live for... Skweee in its most raw and primal state. Feelings music, vibes like uncarved stones that will one day be tips of arrows. Ancient cavemen never did skweee but if they did Savio would be the one with the big club hitting sabertooth tigers with it and taking them home to his cavern which would be the modern day equivalent of his studio. Receiving this release right in time for spring is deceiving because it feels cold. This album is the equivalent to late arrival of spring, when You think its gonna start warming up but the chill remains well into april then follow by rain. This is the reign of supreme RAW SKWEEE, and few can do this, in fact only one man, more beast, DANIEL SAVIO. The blips and bloops dance... The ending track So Long, Suckaz is the most romantic night time skweee i've ever heard, picturesque view of the lights of a city from a view on top of a mountain over looking, driven up there in a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback, and we park and we talk, then we kiss, me and the skweee princess, she confesses that the mood is so real, and this music is so real... Cherry Blossoms ft Kissey Asplund is this feeling. THIS IS FEELINGS MUSIC, THIS IS TRULY DEEP SKWEEE. -Motëm, upon 1st, 2nd and 3rd listen(s) , 2011, almost spring