Super incredibly D.I.Y. 60 minute collection of Coco Bryce tunes, collabos and remixes, including a whole bunch of unreleased stuff. The sleeve is printed on transfer paper, so if you cut that shit out properly, you can iron it onto a t-shirt or backpack or whatever and make yourself a hella limited garment with a tiny Myor print. I believe it's what is commonly referred to as S.W.A.G. The tapes used are all TDK D-60, painted bronze by hand (very sloppy, yet oh so hip) and have been previously used, so there's absolutely no guarantee of any type of quality recording whatsoever. Also includes a Myor logo sticker and immensely awesome business card!! Oh and mind you, buying this tape DOES NOT include a digital download of the tunes. Click right here to go to the Myor Bandcamp and cop it.