after his 2 criminally underrated Robox Neotech releases, which already date back from as far as 2010, Lakritze is FINALLY back with a new ep. it's a damn shame this guy doesn't get more shine than he does, as I think he's the true master of minimalism when it comes to Hip Hop related electronics. maybe it's his hometown of Berlin, the undisputed capitol of minimal Techno, that makes him so good at leaving out all that's unnecessary, who knows, the only thing I know for certain is that Lakritze, like very few others, manages to make superbly subtle (yet very entertaining and danceable) tunes out of the tiniest amounts of ingredients. the only person that springs to mind who operates with comparable finesse would probably be Boss Kite, the Brighton based Donky Pitch affiliate. but where Boss Kite's sound seems to get its main influence from a non existent era of melancholic, stripped down proto Funk, Lakritze is obviously more inspired by Crunk and other forms of electronic Rap music. which is, of course, the sound that tons and tons of contemporary bedroom producers are trying to pull off nowadays. but where most of these cats seem to interpret simplicity as an excuse to get away with the cheesiest of 3 note bangers with an 808 drum pattern, solely aimed at teenage dancefloors, Lakritze injects his beats with a refreshingly deep dose of subtlety, a feat rarely heard amongst most things Trap, Hyphy, Crunk and Bass. this here FCKN BRLN ep/mini album on Hamburg's Saturate imprint features no less than 9 slices of perfection. and the best thing (besides the music of course) is probably that it's completely free!!