Mickey Mouse Mixtapes
A very extremely hyper ultra mega über limited run of 60 minute mixtapes, recorded live onto pea green cassettes. Each and every tape is completely different from the other (although there are, of course, a couple of tunes which I've used in more than one mix). No tracklistings, no downloads, just on-the-fly, bedroom steez, 60 minute chunks of having fun with my Pioneers and Technics, recorded live and often not even mixed all that well (if mixed at all that is). The music on these tapes goes from Skweee to Funk to Hip Hop to Lo Fi Pop to Free Jazz to Rebetika to Dub to Whatever Felt Right At That Moment. I'm not 100% sure, but I think there's at least one Ariel Pink tune and at least one of my own productions on each of these cassettes. Lots of new (and sometimes even unreleased, hell yes!!) and even more crazy old stuff on there.
You can buy a copy for 7 quid on the Myor Bandcamp, just click here and give me your money. Because it's all about the Benjamins and you know it.
Coco Bryce.