To most Skweee cats (and electro afficionados alike) Mesak will probably be a household name, as he is one of the genre’s originators and, together with Randy Barracuda, the founder of Harmönia Records. What fewer people will probably know about Mesak, though, is that in 2001, a couple of years before Harmönia was established, he already had his own imprint by the name of Huge Bass, a label originally created to release musical experiments and bootlegs. Besides producing tunes and discovering new (and old) talented musicians he’s also a very nice dude. So nice, in fact, that him and I once enjoyed watching a beautiful sunset at the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan together, holding hands, listening to a selection of the most intense Daniel Savio songs, whilst Randy Barracuda filmed us, rocking his nicest pair of shades. I think this makes it pretty clear to see that he’s a very good friend of mine. And as we all know, with good friendships, come free records. Which leads me to this particular slab of vinyl I found on my doormat a little while ago: Post It 2. It’s a varied collection of no less than 12 tracks by various artists, including Skweee heroes Daniel Savio, Claws Motherfucking Cousteau and Wankers United. If you know your Skweee 101, you’ll know what to expect from these lads: the unparalled subtle touch of Savio, outrageous, low bitrate mayhem of Claws and minimal Funk of Wanky (albeit this time layered over a more “bubbling” sounding rhythm track as apposed to his usual electro/hip hop style beats). All quality goods, especially Wanky’s über friendly, stripped down smoothness. What surprised me more, though, were the less commonly known names on this compilation: Kanttoripoika serves up a slice of abstraction that is probably best described as trip hop influenced Dub with a hint of electronics to make things sound just a little bit less “predictable”. Poborsk’s “Tourista” is like an 80′s drumcomputer driven hip hop instrumental on 33 rpm, probably very good material for advanced stoner sessions and late night helium parties. One of my personal favs on this album is Proxy Murder’s downtempo 808 jam “Habit Loop”, which, with its compelling drum pattern, toxic synth squelches and moody stabs, has potential for dancefloors and headphones alike. At 19 Euros it isn’t cheap, but it’s a non-digital release, only 200 copies of handnumbered wax, containing 12 quality tunes, which makes the whole deal worth every penny. And there’s an even more limited package to boot: for 24 bucks you can cop the vinyl LP + a copy of Post It 1 on cd. Click here to check a YouTube teaser which contains snippets of everything on there and peep the Bandcamp link below to pre-order your copy.