The homie Miyagi Hu$tle dropped his debut mixtape proper (Messages From The Fuck Chamber, peep the full thing two posts below) yesterday. Time for a lickle chat about iPaths, Southern Rap and Mexican Irish Pubs. Here we go...

-You used to make beats under your "Grimace" moniker. What happened to that? Haven't heard any new Grimace stuff in ages.

Well, the Grimace stuff sort of went on hiatus about a year and a half ago, not because I got sick of music, but because I had to transition to a new laptop. The new laptop (a lenovo) had hella glitches from the factory. The graphics card would crash at least once a day, often more. I could open FL Studio, but if I used my keyboard to control VSTs, the notes would get stuck every time and just ring out this god awful din. So I said to hell with making music on that thing. By the time I got a new laptop my interests had changed and the rap thing started to be really fun. I wanted to separate my rap persona from my skweee/wonky stuff, which brings us to today. I did just get a pad controller though so I'm back to making beats, albeit for my rap stuff. 

-I remember you doing a bootleg Gucci Mane remix a couple years ago and telling me Gucci Mane is basically the only Southern rapper you gave a shit about. There's quite a couple of Southern steez tunes on yer mixtape though. Did you change your musical diet throughout the last couple of years? And if so, which artists do you listen to most of the time nowadays?

The diet has definitely changed up a bit. I don't really fuck with Gucci anymore cause he ain't bringin it like he used to. I seriously think that pre-ice cream face tat Gucci is a whole different animal from post-ice cream face tat Gucci. About a year ago I started listenin to a lot of Z-Ro. I fuck with some Danny Brown pretty hard, Meech from Flatbush Zombies has probably one of the best deliveries of anyone out right now. I've also been stayin on my metal with like Origin, Meshuggah, Sleep and The Black Dahlia Murder. I don't necessarily try, but I tend not to listen to any one person's music for long stretches of time. I feel like it distorts my creative process. Oh and Lil Ugly Mane. I've been goin dumb to Underwater Tank by Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane. Dude kills it.

 -You still rocking them big-ass skate shoes? Or did you go European by now?

Currently I have a pair of Nike SBs that wear, an old pair of Ipath Cats and some Nike Air Max. I will probably never stop fuckin with skate shoes cause they keep the designs fresh. I got a pair of Nike SB skunks that were released on 4/20/11? and am just sittin on them until I decide to sell them for a markup. Right now though, I'm feelin the Air Max most. Probably gonna get more of those next. They got that early 90's sellin crack in a track suit feel to them and they are mad easier to run in than SBs. I fucks with that. 

-What's with the name Miyagi Hu$tle? Any deep, hidden shit behind it besides the Karate Kid reference? 

Haha yeah, the name has a little bit of a story to it. I worked in the kitchen at this Irish Pub here last summer. Everybody I worked with in the kitchen, except for the general manager was Mexican and only spoke a little English. So, they were crackin on the dude training me (Carlos) calling him Miyagi cause he was like the sensei or somethin. I think they forgot my name after the first day and just started calling me Miyagi, because they ended up calling me that until I had to leave work to go back to school. During my first few shifts these guys would always be telling me to work faster, "MAS RAPIDO MIYAGI!" I don't know how I came to it, but I remember eventually thinking, "yeah, if I ever rap, that would make a great artist name 'Miyagi Hustle." 

-Favourite Skweee artists?

 Favorite Skweee artists gotta be: Coco Bryce, Daniel Savio, Nino, and Beem

 -Craziest place you ever burnt a spot of Purple Kush?

Hmm, don't know that I've burned down in any particularly noteworthy locales. However, there was one time my roommate and I got pulled over and had been smoking. He had all the paraphernalia and I had a knotted sandwich bag with .6 or .7g of dank in it. So I swallowed that shit, bag and all. Managed to get it lodged in my throat just past my wind pipe so I was able to talk and breath. My roommate got a paraphernalia charge and I got away scot-free. Went back to the dorm that night, threw up the bag (cause fuck tryin to take a dump with that in you), undid the knot and extracted my perfectly dry and preserved nug and proceeded to smoke that shit the next day with the homies in honor of my roommate's piece that got confiscated. Fuck da po-leece.

 -You used 2 of my beats for your mixtape. Who else supplied you with instrumentals?

Instrumentals were provided by: Coco Bryce, DJ Barbarian, J5atron, Harry Fraud, T Y, King's Lead Hat, Scattle, Kid2K, Dertbeats, Krews HL, Soul, Baltic and Muramasa, and LOB.

-Top 5 mc's who started rapping before 1999.

Mac Dre, Raekwon, ODB, Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne.

-If the US were to come under attack, where would you most likely move to avoid conscription?

Probably somewhere in Europe, put that deutsch sprechen to good use. 

And we're out..