1. The Rise of Yung Lean and Sadboys
2. BONES (In particular SCUMBAG Mixtape, PAIDPROGRAMMING mixtape and CAVES EP w Xavier Wulf)
3. Kenzo Vans ( I didn't get a pair yet but I will, mark my damn words, the ones w tigers)
4. Nature walks alone or w a girl (too many dudes in nature is no no but walks w women is beautiful)
5. Shooting video on camera's made in the 1990s
6. Floral Print (this is regardless of year this is timeless 2 me, i need beauty peeking at me around every corner, even on my shirt , even on my pants)
7. Fiji Water
8. Aloe Water
9. Yung Gud's beats
10. Coco Bryce's Emails w beats attached via wetransfer and music in wetransfer and gigantic ass wetransfers that take forever to download ahahhahaa
11. The Jessy Lanza Album
12. Korean Tacos
13. Lacoste socks w da pink and purple argyle
14. Skweeezy C
15. Gebbz Steelo Toques Winter 2013 edition (now more soft)
16. DJ Smokey Mixtapes (Mystic Wayz, Kush Alienz etc , he did tons this year)
17. Discovering Voss Water which will be more my thing in 2014, rather just mention it cos i already been sippin that Voss on the reg and its not even done being 2013 yet so that's why i wanted to wait until as close as possible to hand in this list because I want it to encompass my favs of my most entire 2013 as possible.)
18. Hamilton / Toronto / Ontario being the coolest
19. the emergence of Trippy Turtle
20. sound of Waterfalls that are half frozen.