Hey y'alls. I got a new ep on the way, and it's a hella official one this time, you know, available on Boomkat, iTunes, Juno and the likes (or at least I hope so).. It's a six tracker, called "The Lover", and this here tune is the first track on there. It's actually a remix I did for my Canadian weird-hop buddies New Slang about a year ago, but we never got to releasing it properly, and in all honesty it's one of my personal fav joints, so I decided to release it as a Coco Bryce tune instead.. Kinda narcissistic, I know, but whatever.. The video was shot by myself and a couple of friends (Alpaca, Eva and Anne, who btw also took care of the artwork for the ep) on my VHS camera, and edited by New Slang member and Skweee don Motëm, for that extra crispy lo-fi hipster poser effect.. Because that's what I'm all about, hipster posing.. I even tried to work in some triangles and track bikes, but couldn't find any, so yer gonna have to settle for a couple of beards and thrift store jumpers. The full ep will also be released on a limited edition cassette tape (hipster posing), available exclusively through the Myor Bandcamp page, so keep yer eyes peeled for that if you desire a physical copy. It's out on 23 June. One love, Skweee on and keep it wheel..