Bonjour!! I was told it's finna be close to 30 degrees Celcius out here in NL this next weekend, so I figured it was time for another blazingly hot mixtape. Because it's ALWAYS time for a mixtape!! But when it's hot, the tunes need to be hot as well, so this ain't just any type of mixtape, it's a collection of songs that fit good weather.
Dolphins look cool, and they make me think of nice & hot weather. Conan Mockasin did this ace tune called "Forever Dolphin Love", which is also on this tape. A couple of weeks ago, I found this picture of a jumping dolphin on Tumblr. So there you go, that's no less than three reasons for me to name this mix "Forever Dolphin Luv"!!!
You can cop the cassette over at the Myor Bandcamp for a mere 3 quid. I kept it extra cheap this time, because the tapes I used all come from thrift stores and have already been used before, so they're not the best quality around to say the least. But hey, just consider the fact that back in the nineties and early noughties, when mixtapes were still really mix-TAPES, a pre-recorded C60 would set you back at least the equivalence of 5 Euros, and I think you'll agree that 3 bucks is still a bargain. Come to think of it, at 3 Euros a pop, I'd buy at least 3 copies at once if I were you!!