Ahhhh, nothing but fond memories for me when listening to this tune here. King Bee were a Dutch Hip House group in the late 80's and early 90's, tho I think they themselves might probably have preferred to be labelled a Hip Hop act, without the House in there. And I guess since they rarely ever utilized 4x4 beats, Hip Hop might be a bit more apt. But still, they came up pretty much simultaneously with that whole Mr. Lee/Fast Eddie gang, in the Turn Up The Bass era. And maybe it's also because the tempo is kinda high (around 110/115 bpm) by Hip Hop standards. Either way, the exact genre definition doesn't really matter all that much anyways. The only thing that matters is that it's a crazy fly, stupid fresh Rap joint. Their "Back By Dope Demand" single is probably what they're best remembered for, but I always liked this, slightly lesser known track better. I vividly remember copping the 7" at a record store in the town where I went to school, back in 1990, ay ay ay... And it's that exact same copy I ripped the audio from, so it might sound a bit worn.. Funny thing is, up until listening to this song again a couple months ago, I never realised the Think break they used is actually chopped up a wee bit in the tail end of the track. The reason I think this is so funny, is because by the mid/late 90's there were a shitload of mainland (and by "mainland" I mean Europe, excluding the UK) Hardcore producers, who tried to mimic Jungle's choppy breakbeats, but didn't have a clue how to go about things. They'd just sample a breakbeat and trigger it a bunch of times from the start, to get that stuttering effect, without realizing they should actually cut it into pieces and rearrange it. Nice to know then, that a late 80's Hip Hop producer from the Netherlands did actually know how to properly chop a beat. Enjoy.

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