Out of the wide variety of radio stations, there's only one I really ever listen to, and it's a Belgian one called Studio Brussels. Most of my Belgian friends, tho, seem to think it's a commercial heap of shite, but I guess they've never really listened to Dutch radio stations, because if they'd ever tuned in to 3FM (which, by Dutch standards at least, is deemed to be hella "alternative"), Sky Radio or 538, they would know all too well what commercial rubbish really sounds like! For instance, there's no way you're gonna hear a Gang Starr joint in the middle of the afternoon on Dutch national radio, but I guess they're just a bit spoiled in Belgium when it comes to music, which isn't all that odd really, considering the seemingly endless strain of great Pop bands they have down there. One of the staples of Stu Bru is a Punk classic from the very early 80's by Red Zebra, called "I can't live in a living room". Even though the lyrics are sung in an embarrassingly crappy English accent, the guitar riff and sheer energy of this song got me hooked from the very first time I heard it. So I set out to find me a copy of the 7", went to Demonfuzz Records in Rotterdam, and got myself this Beat Boys compilation LP instead. I initially just bought it for that Red Zebra tune, and tho most of the songs on this LP aren't really my cup of tea, it also featured "Slow Motion" by Lavvi Ebbel, which is right up my alley: simple yet effective, uptempo, no-nonse stuff, kinda weird yet kinda catchy and poppy at the same time.
The band were only around for a short two years, before splitting up in 1983, and released no more than a handful of singles and two LP's, the first of which doesn't really even deserve to be called an album, as it only has four songs on there. "Slow Motion" doesn't appear to be on any of the their own releases, except for a compilation LP/CD called "Guns and Crepe Flambee" that was released earlier this year and this here Beat Boys album.

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