Here's another one of my own edits. I already posted a YouTube "video" of this one a couple months ago, and I'd initially planned to incorporate it in a little bootleg ep, but for one reason or another I didn't get to compiling/releasing that ep yet. I think it was, because I was asked to put one of my other bootlegs on hold for a moment, as there was talk of featuring it on another compilation, but I don't think that ever happened, or at least not yet. Anyways, long stroy short, I meant to put this one out a little while ago, but never did, so here it is..
I got the original song from a tape I bought whilst on vacation in France last Summer. My girl and I were at a tiny flea market in one of the rural villages near where we stayed. This old fellow had two crates of cassettes for sale, including a whole bunch of Latin stuff (Henry Fiol, Linda Leida) and this here Lillo Thomas album, all of them still in their original shrink wraps. Most of the Latin albums were a bit of a let down, tho the sleeves alone made it worth buying them, and this Lillo Thomas tape pretty much made up for everything those other ones lacked music wise.
Now I've been a big fan of Patrice & Friends' hyper speed coke Funk reworks since the very day my mate DisPjutR showed me "Cashmere Sheets", their first album. That one came out about three years ago, but I still bump it on a regular basis, and I'd always wanted to do something in a similar fashion (nothing wrong with a good spot of biting, now is there?), so that's exactly what I did with this here remix/edit. Or at least it's what I tried to do.. You be the judge. Enjoy.

Listen & download here.