Ayyyyyeeeeeee!! So my True Douglas, the homie Motëm, is about to hit y'all with a brand new mixtape, called the "Einzelganger", in a bit. His bestest one to date if you ask me. And as a lickle taster he just dropped this video for "Thruth Be Knownst", the bestest song on the whole mixtape, if you ask me, which you didn't, but still, believe me, there's nothing but goodness on this new tape, but this song is hands down my favourite. I've been bumping it on repeat ever since he sent it to me a couple weeks ago. The beat was made by Mike F The Hitman (check out his Soundcloud, it's crraaazzzzyyy dope!!), a producer hailing originally from West Palm Beach in Florida, but currently residing somewhere inbetween Hamilton (New Slang & Motëm town) and Toronto, Canada. The video is a far cry from the one he released last month (Inner Sense, which is also featured on the Einzelganger tape), with it's perfectly balanced shots and sleek editing. This is Motëm in his truest of forms: raw, gritty and a bit quirky, classic Gebbz Steez. I'm luvvin it.