Yesterday I had an early gig (6 o'clock) at a festival in my hometown, alongside the homie Jameszoo, but I still had a couple of hours to kill after I was done cleaning the toilet, hanging up the laundry and eating lunch. I wanted to go to a thrift store, but couldn't travel too far, as I wanted to be back home in time to have a plate of curry before heading off to my gig. So I decided to go to Roosendaal, which is about 20 minutes away from Breda. They have a pretty decent, two storey second hand shop there, where I found some nice vinyl before (for example, that Pyramid Plus 7" I posted earlier this week), tho they sometimes tend to charge way too much for their records. Scruffy looking Beatles albums for 6 quid etc etc..
I'm glad I went there yesterday tho. To say it was the best decision I ever took might be a bit of an overstatement, but it comes damn pretty close. One of the first LP's I pulled from the crates was Marie Laforet's first album, which isn't all that hard to come by: there's more than enough copies up for sale on Discogs, but to find it for €1.50 at a thrift store is something else altogether. Three crates into the digging I'd already pulled a couple of Abdel Halim Hafez albums, some other Egyptian and Lebanese LP's, a nice selection of Soul/Funk compilations, a Rika Zaraï album, Lime II and III and a scruffy looking, overpriced copy of the Beatles' Abbey Road, which I didn't buy, as I'm not that big of a fan of the Beatles myself, and figured I wasn't gonna be able to resell it at a higher price either, given the poor condition of the vinyl. To be honest, just that Marie Laforet album would've been worth the trip there to me. But the best part was yet to come: when I went through the stack of 7"s, I found no less than 15 Turkish Pop and Funk singles from the 70's (or at least I think they're from that era, tho there's no release dates on any of them), Black/White by Jane Birkin and a Video Kids 7" (including instrumental on the flipside, sick) for 55 cents each. I litterally almost cried. And I think I might've actually shed a little tear of joy when I came home and put this here Nese Karaböcek gem on my turntable.
I didn't have the time yet to listen carefully to most of the other records I copped yesterday, though I'm pretty sure there's a lot more great stuff in there. So expect to see/hear more Turkish Pop tunes up on here soonish. For now, enjoy this little slice of heaven. Amen.

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