Now this here is something completely different from the song I posted yesterday.. The only thing they have in common, is that both of them are French, but that's about it as far as comparisons go. Between 1997 and 2000, Progerik Records released a series of uncompromising Tekno and Noise 12"s. According to Discogs there are 8 records and 1 cd, but I'm pretty sure there was a cassette release as well. No proof of that tho, as I don't own it, but I think I remember seeing it in a record shop or something way back when.. To this day I still don't know who was behind the majority of these releases. There's one record by Somatic Responses and the cd was produced by Multiplex, but all of the other releases simply state "Progerik", without any further artist info or anything (save an address and telphone number, but I never bothered calling them up and asking them to reveal their identities). I got a wee hunch tho that they're somehow affilliated to the Cavage bunch from Paris, but who knows for sure, right? Not me..
I managed to cop all of the 12"s over the coarse of the short few years this label was up and running, the first one being this one here; Volume 3.. In 1998 I started frequenting free parties, and seeing as I'd already been DJ'ing for a couple of years, I went and blew most of my money buying Tekno and Acid records from then on, the kind of stuff they played at those squat parties. This one day, two of my friends and I were messing around at the local skatepark, when all of a sudden a truck full of English crusts pulled up. They were on their way to a Teknival in the Czech Republic, and stopped by in Breda (my hometown) to pick up a friend of theirs, who also lived here at the time, and who happened to be skating with us that afternoon. Turned out one of the Brits had a big ass crate of records with him to sell at the Teknival. He didn't have a turntable with him tho, so I had to rely on his sales pitch and descriptions in order to get myself a fresh little stack of vinyl. I think I bought like 5 records off of him that afternoon. And if my memory serves me right, I still own at least 4 of those 5 records to this day. Which is quite a good score if you ask me, especially considering I sold about half of my collection a few years back, plus, me and my mates used to swap records all the time back then, so yeah it's kind of special I still have those today. This particular record was, and still is, hands down my favourite of that bunch. I actually used to play the other side of it way more often than this tune. I'm pretty sure anyone who went to free raves in NL back then knows the flipside by heart, as it was kind of a Tekno staple in the late 90's. I chose to upload the A2 track instead tho, as I think it's even more special (as far as noisy, bleepy, annoying Hardcore can be labelled as such that is) than the better known B side. In my opinion this joint shows, unlike any other, just how much can be achieved with the smallest possible amount of ingredients. It's basically just 5 minutes of bassdrums and feedback, but every time this tune was played, most if not all of the crowd immediately got an Aphex-Twin-sized grin on their faces. Of course there's Pilldriver, which consists of nothing more than a strain of kicks with a filter, but somehow this Progerik track manages to evoke sheer joy in a way that Pitch-hiker lacks. This 12" used to go for a pretty penny up on Discogs up until a couple of years ago. It says the highest amount it was ever sold for is 30 Euros, but I guess that's just since they started tracking sales, because I vividly remember there being copies up for sale with a price tag way exceeding 30 quid. Or maybe those were never actually sold hahah. Either way, you can grab a copy for 15 Euros right now, which is still not exactly a bargain bin deal, but it's well worth your money if abstract, harsh, lo fi, gritty Hardcore is your cuppa..

Listen & download here.