Here's a cute little Funk number I found at a thrift store late last year. According to Discogs it's a pretty rare 7", there's not even a single copy of the original pressing up for sale atm, and it even says none was ever sold either. I don't know when exactly they started tracking sales on there tho, because I'm 100% (or perhaps I should say 99%) sure I saw a couple of them up there when I found this and checked Discogs for any info on the band etc.. Which there isn't really, or at least not up on Discogs.. There's no release date on the labels, but according to a couple of other sites/blogs/whatever it was released in 1983. The thing I probably like most about it is how shaky it all sounds; it's definitely not as tightly knit as, say, your average JB's joint. It kinda sounds like one of them Stones Throw acts, where they seem to crap things up deliberately, if you get my drift.. And I don't mean that in a negative way, I like it when things sound a bit crappy and crooky, even if it's done on purpose (guilty as charged). In fact, the closest thing that comes to mind if I were to compare it to any contemporary artist would be James Pants. The flipside features an instrumental version of the same song, which has "Proto Skweee" written all over it. But of course back then, in 1983, Daniel Savio was only 5 years old (check his Wiki page, hell yeah, Daniel Savio has his own Wiki page!!), so I'm pretty sure the term Skweee hadn't been coined yet. I uploaded the vocal version tho, because in my opinion the vocals do actually add to the magic here. Enjoy.

Listen & download here.