This track here is without a doubt one of the most peculiar records I have ever bought. Part lullaby, part horror story and part speedcore (though some will argue it to be too slow for speedcore, but 250 bpm is pretty fucking fast in my book). And it even features a hella funky breakbeat. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, and I guess that's exactly what Thanos (not the French Thanos of Fraktal fame, but the Dutch one) was aiming for, so bravo to him for pulling off this epic slice of nose bleed mash up extravaganza.
The build up is quite, well, special.. Like I just said, there's a nice n groovy breakbeat in there, which fits the choir samples very well in my opinion, but then, out of the blue, you're slapped in the face by 250 distorted 909 kicks per minute. Even back in those days (late 90's), when I spent most of my money on tekno and hardcore records, I rarely ever bought speedcore 12"s. I'm pretty sure I never ever played this track in any of my sets, and even tho I was aware of the fact I was never gonna actually spin it at my gigs, I still thought it was special enough to cop it. Not much else I have to say about this record. It goes for a pretty penny up on Discogs: the highest it was ever sold for being 40 quid, which I think is rather ridiculous, but then again, that probably just shows I'm not the only person to think it's a unique slice of wax.

Listen & download here.