Ahhhhhwww man, I can't even begin to describe how much I love this tune. I'm well aware of the fact that it is by no means obscure to anyone who's even remotely interested in early 90's UK breakbeat hardcore, and it's not hard to nab a copy of this record either. There's no less than 22 copies up for sale on Discogs at the time of writing, the cheapest one going for a mere 6 quid.. But it's not like I set out to post the most exclusive and/or hard to find tunes, just the ones I really like, and this is definitely one of them. I don't think I ever even played it at any raves or anything.. In fact, one of the few times I remember playing it to an "audience" was at a local bar in my hometown, and all I remember was people staring at me, looking kinda confused. Which I still don't really understand, as it's really not that weird a tune, just an Amen, bassline, pianos and a vocal lifted from a 90's club track. In other words, the basic ingredients of an uplifting, oldschool UK hardcore tune.. Just the way I like it..
I'm not sure where exactly I first got this record from, but it was most likely at the old Triple Vision store in Rotterdam. It was a white label test pressing copy, and for the best part of a decade I didn't even know the track titles, just that it was produced by Vibes and Wishdokta (aka Grant Nelson of Naughty Naughty fame), and that, for some reason, I always thought the flipside (Feel Good) was actually the A-side, probably because its 4x4 bassdrum seemed to fit the Happy Hardcore mould of those days a bit better. I found another copy (an official pressing, with labels) years later at my local record store, and copped that as well.. I don't even know why, most likely just because I love it so much, tho it seems kinda redundant in hindsight, but whatever.. It was cheap, so no harm in that.. Anyways, here it is: Midsummer Mist. Enjoy.

Listen & download here.