So my Bulgarian homies Casio Blaster and 99 Mistakes aka 1000Names are set to drop their new album in a couple weeks, and they asked me to do them a remix of "The Caravan", which just so happens to be my fav cut from the album. Needless to say I accepted the offer, took their hazy, lazy, schmoove House joint, removed the 4x4 kicks and replaced them with trappy hi hats and an 808 sub (so hot last year). The result is up for free download over at XLR8R and it's already got 167 Facebook likes at the time of writing, so I guess that means the amount of people digging this remix surpasses the average amount of punters showing up at my gigs, except for last weekend and the weekend before that, but those were exceptionally good parties, with a number of attendees way above average. Click here to check it out and then rate it ten out of ten and click the FB like button, because that's how good it is. No false modesty out here yo, keepin it real.. One Love..