All right, here's a big one for y'alls. I copped this LP a couple months ago, think it was at one of the thrift stores here in my hometown. In my experience, these kinds of compilations are usually kinda shite: either they're way too cheesy, or the tracks featured are very similar sounding. Or perhaps that's just the way it sounds to my untrained ear or something, dunno, maybe it's just that I bought too many LP's with traditional African and Tahitian percussion songs... Either way, that's not the case with this here album. I couldn't really pick one favourite tune to post, so I decided to just upload the whole thing in a zippy. The YouTube video is from a track by Yaffa Yarkoni which is also featured on the LP, be it in a significantly shorter version. Oh and it's all WAV files instead of mp3's, so it'll probably take a hell of a long time to download, but I promise you it's worth your precious time! It was released on Dankers Coolsingel, which also used to be a record shop in Rotterdam. There's no release date on there, but judging by the dates of the other releases from this label, it was most likely released somewhere in the late 60's. Enjoy.

Download here.