I went second hand record shopping again this weekend. There's this record dealer from Dordrecht (a small city about 20 minutes away from my hometown) who usually only sells his stuff at record fairs, but every couple of weeks he opens up the warehouse where he stores his vinyl to the public. It was quite overwhelming tbh, so much so that I decided to just head straight to the second storage room, where they had all the cheap stuff: 7"s and LP's for 50 cents. I mainly copped 7"s to re-sell at the flea market and on Discogs, but I also pulled a couple of nice chansons from those crates, for my own listening pleasure. This here one is by Frida Boccora, a Jewish-French singer, born in Casablanca, Morocco. Nice, short and melancholic, just the way I like it. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.