Bombaclat!! Most folks will probably know Darren Beale best for his work under his Kosheen moniker, but way before enjoying mainstream Pop success, he was one of the o.g. Jungle pioneers, operating as Orca and later on as Decoder. As with a lot of my fav Amen smashers, I only found out about this tune quite recently. I was only about 16 when I first heard about Jungle and Drum n Bass, and most of the records that came out before that time were pretty hard to get by out here in mainland Europe. And besides that, back then I was mainly buying piano Rave and Hardcore, so even if I had heard this record back when it was released in 1995, I probably wouldn't have bought it anyways. But times change, and so do Discogs prices. The cheapest one up for sale right now goes for 9 quid, which is at least double the amount of what it went for just a couple months ago. Still a bargain for such a dope 12" if you ask me, but still.. I don't know what it is with this tune tho, the first time I heard it, I just couldn't sit still and to me it's a clear cut case of dancefloor Amen wizardry. But the few times I played it at a gig, people just looked at me weird, like, WTF is this? And one of those gigs was a "strictly old school Drum n Bass Jungle" party, so go figure.. Perhaps it's just a little bit too much for most cats, I dunno. Either way, if you're into choppy breaks and deep subs, this might just be your cup of tea. Definitely one of my own personal favs. Enjoy.

Download here.