I went record shopping again this weekend. There's this couple who run a shop next to their house out in Hooge Zwaluwe, which is a little town out in the sticks some 15 minutes from my hometown. Apparently they've been running it for over two years already, selling art, second hand records, cd's, cassettes, books and audio equipment (mainly turntables), but I only found out about it last month through a friend of mine. About a week or so ago they received a batch of about 7500 7" singles, and needless to say I was a little late: most of the good stuff had already been plundered by other vinyl scavengers, tho there were still some pretty decent tunes left, this here being one of them.
It's featured on a 4 track ep called "Ballade En Novembre", by Anne Vanderlove. Now both her last name and the fact that these songs are all in French suggested she's Belgian. The way "Vanderlove" is spelled is typically Flandrian, as in the Netherlands it would most likely be spelled as "Van Der Love" (with spaces inbetween that is), and then there's not too many Dutchies singing in French to begin with. So I figured she's probably of Wallonian origin with some Flandrian heritage thrown in for good measure. But after looking up her name on the French Wiki, I found out she's actually from the Netherlands, Scheveningen to be exact, her real name being Anne Van Der Leeuw. Not that this is relevant whatsoever to the quality of the music, but still, I was kind of surprised when I found out.
But enough unnecessary information, just peep the song and grab the dl if you like it. And if you really really like it, cop the 7" ep on Discogs: all four of the tracks are well worth your while if you're into melancholic chansons, and there's enough copies up for sale, the cheapest one going for a mere 62 cents!

Download here.