I've been listening to a lot of old French Pop tunes lately. And whilst checking some stuff on YouTube, I stumbled upon this one channel called "Orgasmo Sonoro", which has a shitload of French, German and Italian music videos from the 60's and 70's on there. One of the songs posted there which immediately struck a chord with me (pun intended yes), was "Solitude" by French actress, sex bomb and recording artist Estella Blain. As far as I know it was only released on a 7" ep called "Hurlevent", which is notoriously hard to find, even on the interwebs, let alone at a Dutch thrift store. And the few copies I did manage to track down online all went for pretty hefty amounts of money. Now by "hefty" I don't mean 100+ Euros or anything, but I don't think I ever paid more than 30 quid for a record, so buying this 7" was kind of a big deal to me. I'm not the most patient person in the world, so when I finally saw a copy up for sale on Discogs last week, I decided to cop it, especially since I hadn't managed to find it at any of the record fairs and second hand shops I'd frequented over the last couple of weeks. It landed on my doorstep just this morning, but I had a spot of thrift store record hunting to do before I had the time to rip the audio of this little slice of Pop bliss. I'm glad to say today's mission was yet another successful one: found a really nice Frida Boccora LP, New Beat compilation, Irina Loghin album and hella vintage 70's nudie magazine amongst other things. After returning home and eating a plate of roti, a voice spoke to me saying "thou shalt not leave this Estella Blain ep unripped", so I went and wired up my turntable/pc combination, recorded the shit out of it, uploaded it to Mediafire and wrote this post. Enjoy. 

Download here.