A couple of months ago, a new record store was openened in my hometown of Breda, called the Grey Store. It's not your typical, run of the mill kinda shop: specialized in highly sought after collectables, there's quite some stuff in the 200 quid range hanging on the walls. Fortunately tho, there's also loads of affordable wax to be found in there. So much so that the owner (who also runs a small record label releasing mostly local bands and bootleg compilation LP's with 60's Psych nuggets) decided it was time for a little sale: evrything in the shop bearing a 5 Euro price tag went for 2.50 this weekend. I went to have a look there yesterday and copped some neat 7"s: Francoise Legrand, Rosella Massaglia Natali, and this here oddball cover of Mamy Blue by Turkish child singer Arda Kardes. Enjoy.

Download here.