Every Wednesday there's a little second hand market here in Breda. It's basically nothing more than a handful of stalls run by local old geezers selling overpriced rubbish: books, so called antiques and whatnot. But there's one out of towner there who actually sells really nice records (and books) at very decent prices. He's a super mellow and kind chap with a hella cool dog, which I think is always a plus, as I don't much enjoy giving away my money to grumpy pricks who think Nana Mouskouri albums are really worth 3 quid. I used to go there quite frequently "back in the day", but have thus far only managed to visit twice this year, because I usually have to work on Wednesdays. But I was done working at 1:30 yesterday, and so decided to head out for a spot of crate diggage extraordinaire.
Now the thing with most record shops (or, in this case, stalls), as opposed to thrift stores, is of course that the owners are usually quite aware of what their goods are worth, and often won't shy away from charging full blown internet prices for their records. And don't get me wrong, it's not like this particular bloke doesn't know what he's selling, he does, but he always has some quality stuff for very reasonable $$$. If my memory serves me right, the majority of his records used to be individually priced, but this time his entire stall consisted of a shitload of 1 Euro records, plus a selection of 7"s for either 50 cents or 2 bucks each. I pulled some really nice French and Israeli singles from those crates, plus a Manitas De Plata flamenco album and this here gamelan LP. I already own a couple of gamelan records, and tho I really really enjoy the sound of this instrument, most of the times these albums tend to be a bit of an intense, dark and hectic affair. Not really suitable for easy listening if you get my drift. But this one is a whole other story: mega sweet, almost enchanting gamelan melodies, accompanied by a Suling Degung (bamboo flute). Most of the eight songs featured on this album do sound quite alike to the untrained ear tho (most notably my own untrained ear that is), so I stuck to picking just one track instead of uploading the full album. Enjoy.

Listen and download here.