Over the last couple of months, I've spent more time than ever before on both the interwebs and in thrift stores, looking for "new" music. And by "new" I mean new to me of course, as the vast majority of what I've managed to dig up is old as dirt and probably well known amongst most avid obscurity diggers out there. But instead of doing a mixtape and posting that on Soundcloud (like I usually do), I figured it might be nice to switch things up a little bit and just make a compilation album featuring 20 (duh) of my favourite finds. A lot of these 20 songs were actually ripped from vinyl by yours truly, others shamelessly copy-pasted from albums I downloaded from other blogs (ATFA, Monrakplengthai, Bodega Pop etc etc). It turned into a pretty "world"-ish affair, with stuff from France, Thailand, Scotland, Indonesia and numerous other hella exotic countries in there, but I guess that just happens to be what I've been into most as of late. Enjoy.


1. The Congos - Arc Of Covenant
2. Cool Hipnoise - Dama Dada
3. The Makers - Don't Challenge Me
4. Cheb Tati - Dub El Hamma
5. W.H. Lamey - Highland Watch's Farewell To Ireland
6. Nese Karaböcek - Uykudamisin Sevgili Yarim
7. Erkin Koray - Karli Daglar
8. Anne Vanderlove - Les Enfants Tristes
9. The Flowers - Meekshi Manoo
10. Doc Remix - Melodicine Dub
11. Il Guardiano Del Faro - Oasis
12. Pimp.E. Tjarmedi - Palwa
13. Marie Claire Pichaud - Pardon
14. Beaver & Krause - People's Park
15. Trio Ariquipeño De Quenas - Planta Del Desierto
16. Waiphot Phetsuphan - Plong Tok
17. Quarteto Em Cy - Samba Do Crioulo Doido
18. The Reflections - She's My Summer Breeze
19. Rosella Masseglia Natali - Sogno Se Mi Guardi
20. Lat Mbaye - Tiopete Tegne Ne

Download here.