Ayeeee, just a short week after dropping volume 1 comes the second batch! Again, 20 cuts, but this time it's all Hardcore. And by that I mean Hardcore in the broadest sense of the term, as there's stuff ranging from Jungle to Rave Breakbeat to Frenchcore to Tekno etc etc. And I guess by today's standards the Ragga Twins tune wouldn't even be considered anywhere near Hardcore, but it was back when it was released and I think it's a crazy nice song, so I put it in there anyways. Hah. The compilation was too big to upload in one go, so I had to split it into two seperate zippies. Enjoy!!

1. Ace - Window In The Sky (DJ DMS Remix)
2. Bodysnatch - Euphony (Just 4 U London)
3. Bram Y Chico - Chup
4. Cyborg Unknown - Return Of The Cyborg Unknown
5. Disasta Blasta - Got Em
6. Ellis Dee - Big Up Yer Chest (Remix)
7. Jano - Inter Season
8. Mark Mac - Shadow Boxin
9. Mindcontroller - Trance (Overmind Mix)
10. Phase IV - Nadeltot
11. Phönki - Go Go Go
12. Pinhead - Come Follow
13. Pravda Trax - Piano Bar
14. Q Tex - Corruption
15. Ragga Twins - Shine Eye
16. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Don't Need Your Love
17. Search & Destroy - Iron Man
18. Speedy Qs - Al Tatone
19. The House Crew - Euphoria
20. Uplifting Association - Lost 157

Download Part 1

Download Part 2