Bonjour. Time for another chapter in the 20 Shot Sequence compilation series. Hella unofficial. This one only has 10 cuts in there (instead of 20, like the previous 2 volumes), and it's all Breakbeat stuff: Jungle, Rave etc.. I'm gonna upload the 4th edition soon as well, which will most likely feature some more exotic tunes (and probably some Hip Hop). But I've been on a bit of a Harcore and Jungle trip again as of late, so I had to get this out there first. One Love. Enjoy.

01. Gilde - All Right
02. Seduction - Sub Dub
03. Splice - Falling (In Dub)
04. Dollar Don Paul - Bazooka
05. Equinox - Feels Like Heaven
06. MC Jay J & Devious D - Time Of Our Lives
07. DJ Legacy & Dread I Knight - The Riddle
08. Reincarnated Regukator - The Hiding
09. Trance & Maze - Give You My Love
10. Liquid - House Is A Feeling

Download here.