Hey y'alls, I'm back with another track. Better yet, three tracks, to be exact. They're all unofficial (and unsolicited) edits/remixes, which I initially just made for my own listening pleasure. I basically just speeded up the original versions, re-edited them and added some extra beats (Naughty Naughty). I already uploaded two of em to YouTube a little while ago: you can peep one of em here. Last weekend I copped a whole stack of second hand vinyl, including a "2 In A Room" LP with a bunch of nice, jacking house joints on there, which I couldn't resist messing with, and so I figured I might as well do a little bootleg ep with that one and the two tracks I did last year in there. They're all wav files (as one of the original tracks I used was an mp3 and I didn't want the quality to get even worse by converting it again), so if you don't want to clog up yer laptop with big ass, high quality format music files, I'd suggest you take a pass on downloading this one.

-Starfoxxx - Bae HD (Cocoina Edit)
-2 In A Room - Music's Hypnotizing (Cocoina Edit)
-Lillo Thomas - Your Love's Got A Hold On Me (Cocoina Edit)

Download here.