It's nice n sunny outside atm, we even had our first "tropical" day here in NL a couple days ago. So I figured it might make sense to supply y'alls with a nice n sunny selection of songs. Got some cumbia in there, shmoooove lovers rock and reggae from the digi era, Romanian dopeness, a marvin Gaye soundtrack instrumental to get jiggy with, African pop and a spot of Golden Era Hi-Tek. And btw, that Mory Kante tune is the original version of Ye Ke Ye Ke, not the remix version that topped the European charts in 1987. Enjoy.

1. Afrosound - Cumbia De Los Pajaritos
2. Ion Din Dorobanti - Fata De Pe Plaja
3. John Mc Clean - Truly Bowled Over
4. Hi Tek & Common - The Sun God
5. Nitty Gritty - Man In A House
6. Marvin Gaye - T Plays It Cool
7. Pad Anthony - Dangerous System (Version)
8. Mory Kante - ye Ke Ye Ke
9. Patrick Andy - Ain't No Me
10. Joe Jackson - What's The Use Of Getting Sober

Download here.